Thursday, 30 May 2013

DIY: Lip Gloss from LANEIGE Pure Glossy Lipstick Samples

Hi Darlings,

I'm back as promised with the DIY on how to make your own lip gloss.

This DIY is very easy, like eating a piece of thousand layers cake *hohoho*. 

1. All that you need for this mission are only 4 main items:  Vaseline, samples of lipstick, empty contact lense container (mine is still new, so its more hygiene) and one plastic spatula. Cotton buds are not necessary as it plays the same role as the plastic spatula.
Tips: Keep your cosmetic product samples as they are good for travelling purpose and DIY stuff like this. Contact lense container can be useful for travelling purpose too to keep your face moisturiser, eye cream, BB cream and even foundation. As i believe that you will not want to bring the whole bottle of your cosmetic to travel *It's so heavy >.<*

2. Take a scoop of the Vaseline and the samples of lipstick by using the spatula.
Tips: Try not to take too plenty of the Vaseline as we don't want the color to be too light and that one moderate scoop of the Vaseline can last you for a few months. 
3. Transfer them into the contact lense container.
4. Mixed them together thoroughly.

AND THAT's ALL... Yeah! Really that's are all the steps ^^

5. However, DIY is depending on your own creativity. You can mixed it with sparkle eyeshadows and even the Benefit's High Beam. For it to be able to reflect more light to give a fuller-like-looking Angelina Jolie's LIPS *I'm just joking but who knows right...*

Thank you for keep staying with me and hope that you guys will love my blog post.

And as always, stay beautiful <3


With love,
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