Thursday, 23 May 2013

HAUL: My FIRST purchase of Bubbi brushes!!!

Hi darlings,

I was veryyyyy excited that I just made my very first purchase of my Bubbi brushes from <3

This Esentials Set brush kit came with 6 brushes which is only cost for 26.99 pounds. Imagine.... for 6 lovely brushes!!

With this essentials kit, you will have all the brushes you'll need to create daily beautiful looks. With its combination of black and pink color, make its appearance looks elegantly suitable for ladies to stay chic ;) Totally a good combination for a starter brush kit. 

This Essentials brush set includes of 6 cosmetic brushes:
1x Powder Brush
1x Sculpting Brush
1x Dual Cover Brush
1x Dual Eyes Brush
1x Smudger Brush
1x Detail Brush

Will blog more when I receive those brushes and stay tuned :)


With love,

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