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REVIEW: Skin Care Aupres "the Sister of Shiseido"

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October is finally here!! I feel that time really passed so fast that sometimes made me to think have I live life to the fullest? *okay without my speech been dragging too long, lets back to the topic*

Has anyone of you heard of AUPRES before? or maybe saw their booth before?

AUPRES, French for "next to you, close to you", is an exclusive skincare and makeup brand launched in 1994. AUPRES believes that skincare is a woman's ultimate companion in life for achieving and maintaining beautiful skin. Created exclusively by Asians for Asians.

AUPRES provide all Asian women the prestige option at an affordable price. Using one of the best Japanese skincare technology, the brand consists of skincare ranges to target women with specific skincare needs and a makeup line for enhancing women's natural beauty.

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Taken at Aupres Beauty Centre Parkson Pavilion. Aupres also can be found at Parkson Sungei Wang and Parkson KLCC.

Series: Time Lock Solution, Ultimate White, Pureness Bright, Pro-balancing.

Above are the products for the whole series of AUPRES Pro-Balancing. Pro-balancing moisturizing skincare line helps maintain the proper balance of oil and water in the skin. Constantly keeps skin hydrated and smooth. Leaving skin hydrated and balanced for healthy and dewy look.

The function of pro-balancing range:
The star product Moisture-Control Essence contains moisturizing and hydrating ingredients to keep the skin in different environment. It adapts to all kinds of external environment changes. It controls the sebum and moisture is released timely under Asia humidity; prevents dryness and locks the water in dry environment.

Moisturizing Cleansing Foam 125g- RM45
This fine bubble cleanser removes dirt and dead skin cells, keeping skin moisturized while maintaining the perfect water-oil balance

Moisturizing Lotion (I-II) 150ml - RM50
This lotion intensively replenishes essential water into the stratum corneum. Maintains skin's ideal balance between water and oil, leaving skin deeply hydrated.

Moisturizing emulsion (I-II)100ml - RM55
Moisturizing emulsion (III) 50g - RM55
This emulsion delivers essential oil to the stratum corneum of your skin, achieving hydrated and radiant skin with perfect moisture balance

Hydrocapture eye cream 20g - RM80
This eye cream reduces the appearance of fine lines, puffines, and dark circles due to the lack of sleep or tiredness. Leaving skin hydrated, radiant and vibrant for hours.

Perfect moisture-control essence 80g - RM75
This dewy gel-type essence moisturizers different types of skin and meanwhile, it adapts to all kinds of external environment changes to avoid the loss of moisturizing ingredients within the skin. Effectively replenishes water and oil to keep skin moisturized.

The texture, smell and feel on my skin reminds me of my Laneige water sleeping pack_ex/ water bank gel cream. It leaves my skin moisture yet not sticky. Can be another alternative for you guys who is searching for a new skin care :) besides, the prices are also very very reasonable.

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