Sunday, 13 October 2013

EVENT: Allianz 1942 Halloween Event

Hi Guys,

Halloween is back again with all the frightful fun, creative costumes, creative beverages, candies and creepy makeups.
And this year, ALLIANZ is bringing us the latest...

Allianz 1942 Halloween Event 

...for the bloggers and public ^^ Do "Like" their Official Facebook page as a small thank you for them for bringing us all these fun for Halloween :D :D :D *yayyy*

Allianz Malaysia Berhad (AMB) is part of the Allianz Group which is one of the leading integrated financial services providers worldwide.

4 of Allianz products can be click on their link below for your ease to read more about their details;

As the holiday season approaches, Allianz Malaysia would like to spread the importance of ensuring that your home is secured before you travel either by flight or on the road. Carrying cash during the holiday season can also be dangerous. Therefore, Allianz ATM Shield protects its policy holder if their cash is robbed outside an ATM machine. *thank you Allianz*

Allianz Halloween Event Invitation
I DARE YOU to ADD this EVENT in your smart phone calendar for the details below;
Event: Allianz 1942 Halloween Event
Date: 31/10/13
Time: 6pm onwards
Venue: Renoma Café Gallery, Lot 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, KL

Halloween... hallowen... halloween... What will came across your mind when I mentioned "Halloween" ?
pumpkin? black cats? skull? black spider? spider webs?

or maybe you think about the design of the food? *hihihi*
AND for me, i'll think of the makeup that i will be wearing for this Halloween party. 
*psst psst... there will be an awesome lucky draw session and of course i would like to go in my best to win the travel voucher of RM3000* :D :D :D

I had a lot of ideas in my mind for the Halloween makeup, however,THIS YEAR i would like to go as a Broken Doll. 

Why do i choose broken doll? I fell broken doll can bring the mixture of creepy and cute at the same time? and i like the big round eyes of the doll as my eyes are small >.<

I had select (you don't have to be good in your imagination, all you have to do is just Google 'broken doll' :P ) and here are three of the best pictures I found  for my broken doll theme. This is the first photo of it =^.^=

Second photo. I like the freckles :)

Third photo. Even the top Youtuber like Bubzbeauty also likes Broken Doll makeup ^^

Last but not lease, hope to see you guys at the party and...

Do let me know what is your favourite Halloween-costume-or-makeup-to-be and any bloggers interested to attend this event please RSVP by contacting Vivien at or 012-5765633.

See you in my next blog post <3

With love,

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