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REVIEW: Goodness in Pulpe De Rose from Melvita

A BIG BIG Hello guys!!
I'm back! And this time I'm back with good news for all of you. Wondering what it is? 

Yes yes I know some of you guys will love this products recommendation especially when the factors of stress, pollution, hectic lifestyle and aging are kicking in. Add on that I'm a workaholic and my current job is super duper busy because we need to assist the doctors inside the operation theatre whenever they wants to use the company's products. However, I love this job and not need to worry about my skin well-being! *you'll know the answer why later on*

Captured while working

Okay back to the main topic... 

Did you guys know that this France's leading certified organic beauty brand, MELVITA has come out with a new PULPE DE ROSE range, designed to target first signs of ageing. Anddd for the first time, Melvita ha combined the moisturizing powers of Wild Rose Petals with the rose's vitamin-rich fruit Wild Rose Fruit.

Wild Rose Petals
Wild Rose Fruit
 Why do Melvita choose these 2 ingredients?
Answer is Wild Rose Petals ensure good circulation of water at the heart of the kin while Wild Rose Fruit boost skin microcirculation and has a spectacular Vitamin C content which is 30 TIMES higher than an orange *WHoahhh*. Together, the fruit and flower form a complex with plumping properties, to smooth first wrinkles and restore all the skin's radiance.

The Pulpe De Rose collection consists of:
1. Plumping Radiance Serum - to smooth away first wrinkles and to keep skin toned and firm
2. Plumping Radiance Cream - to plump and moisturize the skin all day long
3. Plumping Radiance Duo - combining both rose floral water and oil to give your complexion an amazing radiant glow.

Melvita Pulpe De Rose collection
Packaging are so lovely and really got the Organic feel. Did you guys spot the certified Organic Cosmetic logo? ^^
And let's go into details by sequence of application...

1. Organic Plumping Radiance Duo, 50mL, RM122
An incredibly gentle, bi-phase formula that is easy to be absorbed into the skin. Believe me, at first, my thought it must be very oily but I was wrong. It is absorbed into my skin within seconds! Try and you will believe me! Damask rose floral water provides revitalizing properties, while Damask rose oil offers regenerating benefits.

You can use it both in the morning and evening.

Say goodbye to sleepy skin and wake your face up gently with a few drop of the Plumping Radiance Duo. Simply massage in with the fingertips to boost microcirculation, plump up the skin, brighten the complexion and give a glow to your cheeks.

And at the end of the day, when your face shows signs of fatigue, treat it to the Plumping Radiance Duo again. Enjoy a moment of me-time as you gently massage it into the skin to relax the face, prepare skin for moisturizer and ensure that it reaps all the benefits of a night of repairing sleep.

Usage instruction: Shake before use. After toning the skin, pray into the palm of the hand, then gently massage over the face and neck.

2. Organic Plumping Radiance Serum, 30mL, RM195
A true concentrate of energizing and smoothing active ingredient combined with rose floral water, this serum helps smooth away first wrinkles. Enriched with marsh clover, with organized antioxidant properties, it provides long-lasting action to keep skin toned and firm.
Usage instruction: Apply morning and evening to face and neck (please show some love to your neck too), after Pulpe De Rose Plumping Radiance Duo and before the Pulpe de Rose Plumping Radiance Cream.

3. Organic Plumping Radiance Cream, 30mL, RM180
Bursting with energizing active ingredients combined with rose floral water, this cream leaves skin looking plumped and perfectly moisturized all day long, and helps to erase signs of fatigue.
Usage instruction: Apply morning and evening to face and neck, after Pulpe de Rose Plumping Radiance Serum.

These 3 products are non-comedogenic
99% of the total ingredients are from natural origin
21% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming

And why I'm so hard sale of these product??? It is because I experienced it myself, its tested and proved. Working very well to my sensitive skin, leaving my skin plump and moisturized even when my air-cond is very cold (as you guys know air-cond can dries up your skin) and most of all, this products does not trigger any acne reaction to my skin.

If you are wondering where to get them?
You can do ONLINE SHOPPING at or visit Melvita Boutique at Suria KLCC, 1 Utama and Mid Valley.

See you guys till then and stay tuned for the next blog post.

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