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UNBOXING: The Most Long-awaited Cult Box

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And here it is, the blog post for the long-awaited Cult Box debut #1 ^^
It doesn't really different from the blind date beauty box except with their 5 brands (2 French, 1 English, 1 Italian, 1 German). 

The Equilibrium line is a basic, easy, dynamic line and suitable for any type of skin and age, that needs to be rebalanced. It is a complete basic line without parabens, nickel tested and dermatologically tested. Contains synergy of essential oils.

The Rebalancing Face Lotion completes the cleansing process and assures a pleasant sensation of freshness and elasticity. It contains hamamelis distillate, natural nettle extract. It respects the skin's pH and hydrolipidic film.

The Cleansing Milk is a basic gentle skin cleanser, moisturising and calming, suitable for all types of skin, which contains extracts of linden, mallow flowers and leaves, rice bran oil. It respects the skin's pH and hydrolipidic film.

Eugene Perma Paris is an independent and patrimonial company, specialized in hair care. Eugene Perma Paris is proudly French, ranked as the 2nd brand after L'Oréal. They have a range of hair care and hair colour with "French touch" symbolized by the signature EUGENE PERMA Paris offering high-quality brands, products and services as a unique and attractive alternative.

This invigorating clean fragrance, with hints of mint, lime, marjoram and flowering jasmine, evokes the fresh radiance of summer. Verbena is one of the most energizing scents for a morning wake up. Mistral extra rich Verbena Bath and Shower Gel is nourished with natural skin softeners that leave your skin supple and refreshed.
  • Enriched with natural healing chamomile, aloe vera and shea butter
  • Glycerin moisturizes, soothes and protects your skin
  • Gentle pH balanced formula
  • Paraben-free

Oligominerals are trace elements, which are those substances of which only a "trace" or very little amount is needed, yet they are indispensable for correct skin physiology. They have been used since ancient times. They are nutritional elements present in the body and in foods in organic and inorganic combinations; while they only account for 4-5% of body weight, they are fundamental for physical and mental well-being. They are important for the maintenance of physiological processes: they strengthen the skeletal structure, catalyse many biochemical reactions and help to maintain the delicate water equilibrium.
Just a tiny amount is enough to catalyse reactions in our body and bring about a "rebalancing" effect.
Each oligo-mineral content product contains specific active principles, in particular: manganese, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium and aluminium. They restore the skin's equilibrium and therefore alleviate and soothe impure, irritated, dry, sensitive, delicate and stressed skin.
Directions for use: Oligominerals are best applied directly on the skin (face and body) up to a maximum of 30 drops (for face) and 60 drops (for body) depending on skin condition, after Cleansing Milk followed by Face Lotion. It can be applied on eyes contour and lips.

Helmut Baurecht had always been fascinated by beauty, color and cosmetics and had a vision of his ideal brand: exclusive, noble yet trendy but also competent and sophisticated - an idea that very quickly inspired the renowned make-up artist, Malu Wilz, who also gave his dream a name. Two creative minds and one fantastic concept! Together they developed a cosmetics series that is tailored exactly to your specific needs. A truly award-winning idea: during the course of his career, Helmut Baurecht has received numerous awards. Among others he was honoured with the award "A life of Beauty" by Beauty International for special merits in the area of professional cosmetics.
Malu Wilz is a German company, founded in 1991, with the head office based in the northwest of Munich. They carry a full range of decorative cosmetic and skincare exclusively in beauty salons.

The Yes! Nurse formula uses a range of natural ingredients including Active Manuka honey and plant seed oils high in essential fatty acids. These complement the skin's natural defences and provide a fast absorbing cell-boosting treatment that nurses say is proving more effective than any other cream they have used. Yes! Nurse wants to provide a practical solution for hand protection, but there's a touch of luxury in there too – and why not – nurses (and now you) definitely deserve it!

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*All of the info above were taken from the website*

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