Sunday, 19 May 2013

REVIEW: OPI Avoplex Series

Hi Ladies,
Today im going to share this OPI Avoplex products to you guys. Who among you guys have cuticle or hand dry problems?  *put your hands in the air* nahh... im just kidding.
I have this problem that my skin around my nails can get dry easily and I tends to peel it. But with this OPI travel set, I can avoid that problem. I can put it inside my bag and apply it when needed.
The first from the left is the High-intensity Hand&Nail Cream. With its concentrated and moisture lock formula, with little application is already enough for both hands. The middle one is the Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment. It has AHA formula that can eliminates dry, rough cuticle while replenishing essential moisture and lipids. Last but not least, the most right is the Cuticle Oil To Go. It has a brush tips that can ease up the application. Just need to press gently the body and thw oil will come out from the tip.
Below is the picture of my fingernails after I apply those 3 products. It does really help me and I hope this review can help you guys too.
With love,
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