Monday, 27 May 2013

Why I Want a Havaianas!

Hi Ladies,

There's at least a reason to fall in love (you love his eyes because of the way he stares at you or his lips when he talks, his smile and maybe the fragrance of his perfume) and these are my reasons "Why I Want a Havaianas" 

The first time you look at it, you'll think that "Ohh just an another flip flop" not until...

You slowly discover its unique, good quality and beauty in it. And its not just like "another" flip flop anymore... 

Its color, its perfect design to protect and fit each size of your feet, its soft but durable rubber, and each design is MADE perfectly well just so you look more beautiful with it as your new feet accessory collection.

Reasons "Why I Want a Havaianas" 

1. I like its colour range 

2. I can say goodbye to foot blister! 

 3. I can wear it to do my activities during sunny or rainy days

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Hope you guys love my post ^^

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