Monday, 3 June 2013

Beauty Emergency Tips: How to Revive Back Your Dried Gel Eyeliner

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I'm back backkk backkkkk !!! *eco sounds effect* ^^
I'm back with the tips and tricks on how to revive back your dried gel eyeliner (at least it can save you up for a night or two during those desperate-for-eyeliner time) 

As we always heard and told, that we must store your gel eyeliner pot upside down; use a clean brush; keep it away from direct lights and cap it tightly after use or every use- which means you need cap it after each dip. Open > dip > close > apply > open > dip > close > apply > andddd open again > andddd dip again >> and so on.  OMG !! It's really OMG !! 

However, the sad fact is, your gel eyeliner will still dry up after a period of time- before you even  finish using HALF of the product. (T.T) *cry* Below is the picture taken of my dried Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner after using it for like 10-12 months. 

I've used a few different brands of pencil, liquid and gel eyeliner but this 'lady' aka Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, 'she' really works well on me. She can gives me the soft and smooth stroke of line and if you want to give it smoky effect, just add a little bit of black eyeshadow and tap on top of it. ^^

Okay, back to this topic. There a few tricks that we can use to breathe a new life into your dried gel eyeliner such as:

  • Liquid: Adding liquid like eye drops to the gel liner and mix. However this method is too messy and much time needed.
  • Oil: Adding 2 drops of Johnson & Johnson baby oil or a tiny quantity of Vaseline and mix. However this does not work well on me as during sunny days, my eyelids tends to be more oily and it can smudge the eyeliner to my lower eyelids.
  • Heat: Heat it up using blow/hair dryer or microwave. I prefer using this method as its faster and easy by just using medium-high heat of blow dryer and blast it at the dried gel eyeliner for 3-4 minutes. You can use the microwave and heat it up for 10 SECONDS.
After that you need to stir up the melted products to ensure the refreshed mixture is evenly distributed evenly.
Below is the picture taken after heat it up using the blow dryer method.

The dried gel eyeliner, through awakened did not really as impressive as before when it was at its best. Heating it up definitely made it softer than before and application was easier but it was not as creamy and smooth as when its first purchased. However, it still can save you up for a night or two when you do not have to go out and get a new one.

Left: Application using the dried gel eyeliner
Middle: Application after awakened the oil method by mixing it a little bit with the Vaseline (not recommended)
Right: Application after awakened by the heat method (I prefer using this method)

Hope this post is useful and see you in my next post ^^

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