Friday, 27 December 2013

My Beauty Resolutions for 2014

Hey gorgeous,

As we are at almost the end of 2013, we must welcome and celebrate 2014 with our awesome and new resolutions. Cross check again with your New-year resolutions, it will never been too late to start with a new one or to continue to work on the resolutions that you have not achieve yet ^^

In conjunction with 2014 new year and Chinese New Year, The Butterfly Project & YADAH will be inviting 50 lucky blogger (finger crossed) for an afternoon of fun and delicious Eastern delights as we all celebrate the new year together. Experience on the hands-on session and discover more about the natural goodness of YADAH skincare and cosmetics (which I'm very curious about, everyone is talking about YADAH but I myself haven't got the chance to try on the product yet. Sad!).

The most exciting part ISSSSSSS (jeng jeng jeng jeng....) we must wear our favourite Cheong Sam outfit ! XD

Without further due, let me reveal out my beauty resolutionSSS to you guys for the year of 2014. HOHOHO~~

1. I will constantly use at least 2 times of face sheet mask weekly.
2. I will drink more water (3 bottles of 500ml mineral water bottle) during the day although I will be busy working.

3. I will buy SKII Facial Treatment Essence (this product is good but the price will makes my pocket cry, but for my face, i shall bring it home. LOLL)
4. I will constantly use sunblock for my face (sometimes i missed this step during the day and sadly i can notice my freckles are more obvious than before)
5. I will eat fruits once a week. LOL rather than none, like now >.<
6. I will go massage once a month, to helps for my blood circulation and reduce the stress. Stress can be bad for my skin and overall health.
7. Use skin care that is from natural, botanical, natural plant ingredients, organic, chemical-free, no artificial coloring, gentle yet effective. (for example, YADAH. HOHOHO~)
8. Last but not least, go to gym to enhance the production of my collagen for a beautiful skin.

These 8 Beauty Resolutions are mine (more of my concern is to my skin hydration, this year my skin is dry and i can see fine lines on my skin so I need to put more effort to make it looks young back again >.< hard to accept that I'm aging) and what are your Beauty Resolutions for 2014? Share them with me at the comment box below ^^

See you in my next blog post.

With love,
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