Sunday, 22 December 2013

REVIEW: The First Box of the Little Black Box by Wonderbox

Hey gurls,

Do you heard of this latest fashion box that you can subscribe every month called 
Little Black Box? 

I can say its like the 'sister' of Wonderbox but its fully for fashion accessories.
For the month of November, they opened it for subscription for the very first time. We can choose for THREE different themes and at the end I go for the Girly Girl Theme.
This box cost me for RM59.90 including postage.
And let's look whats inside of the box...

The quality of this paper box is really something... I rate it for 9/10 *oh ya by the way, this is my first time to purchase a box from Wonderbox*

Some greetings on the card and hints of what will be the themes for next month. Each month they will give us three themes to choose either one of it.

And these all are the contents of the box. What do you think of the content that cost you for RM59.90? You can drop your comments in the comment box below of this blog post. Frankly, to me, my personal opinion, I can say this box does not make me thrilled as I think the quality of the products just so-so.


Earings and ring

Key chain

Necklace and hair pins

That's my simple review of this Little Black Box and for more info please head to their Official Facebook page.

Hope this blog post can help :) and see you in the next one.

With love,

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