Monday, 9 December 2013

REVIEW: The Very Last and Best Concept Box of The Year

Hey hey hey Hello December ^^

How are you guys been doing so far? December is my favourite month as this the month about love, to give and to receive because the spirit of Christmas :)

Okay without further due, let me show you guys of my most favourite Beauty Concept Box of the year. I am always been a supporter for The Lilacbox. They came out with great products with a very reasonable price.

This is the box that i just received today^^ 

And these are all the content of this Concept Box. One glance... second glance... DID YOU SPOT THE GIFT CARD??? *hohohohoho* I can do more shopping with it. *yahhooo*

This is just simply too lovely. Shower gel and body lotion andddd miniature perfume.

Some products face- cleansing milk, toner and hydrating gel cream. Hydra series are suitable for those who are having dry skin especially if everyday in air-cond room (huhuhu like me)

Lip gloss *muacks muacks kiss me*

Hehehe this is the best part. RM50 gift card for shopping.

And the pouch is just awesome and can fit some of the products if i would like to bring them to travel around with me.

Here's my brief introduction of the Concept Box as I think picture speaks louder than my words :PPP Hope those who bought the box will be happy and satisfied. See you in my next blog post soon.

With love,

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