Tuesday, 7 January 2014

EVENT: It's a Party. A Birthday Ice-cream Party!

Hello beautiful, 

Before I started with anything, I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Blessed New Year and may this new year bring you guys lots of Hope, Love, Joy, Good Health and Success <3 *muacks muacks*

On the 1st January 2014, we(bloggers) were celebrating our Mamasan's birthday (Tammy Lim) and it was a birthday ice-cream party! So cool huh at this age we are still celebrating birthday with ice-cream. And yes special thanks go to The Butterfly Project and Hermo for organizing this lovely event on the first day of new year Xoxo

We were all full loaded with chocolates, sweet stuff and laughter. I guess it was kinda a good start for the year ^^

This was the decor for the party on that day. Not so sure who did this but its kinda cool.

With the lovely birthday cake papers hanging on the ceiling *hohoho*

With blogger Frankie Rose Uni

YEAH with my bao bei Samsung Note2, I edited this photo. And she is our Mamasan who manage the blogger community and we are her Butterflies ^^ 

The prizes that me and blogger Fishie won during the ice breaking game. Guess what.... that was the first present that I received for this year none other than Ciate Nail Polish yo~!!

That's us!

We decorating birthday wishes 'card' for our Mamasan.

The final artwork of mine. Hehehe my drawing was just like the primary student. I don't have any art gene in my body.

During the cutting cake ceremony

AND that's our Haagen Dasz ice-cream fondue. Please watch out your saliva guys :P I'm so mean! Hehehe...

Closer caption

Blogger Choulyin Tan

It's not finished yet, before we end the party, Illy distributed this homemade chocolate for all of us. Haha you see, we are really filled with a lots of sugar... Yummmm yumm...

That's a wrap for the event on that day and I see you in my next blog post.

Before I end, 

Special thanks also I extend for those people who are helping me, listening to me, care and supporting me throughout the year of 2013. It will not be a meaningful year without you guys. 

2014 is the Year of No Repeat (quoted from City Harvest Church) ! We couldn't change the past but we can change our future. Let's do things with no regret and no repeat.


Love ya all,
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