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REVIEW: BENEFIT SpyGal’s latest tool against shine…The POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine

Hello my dearies,

How's 2014 been treating you so far? I hope 2014 will be a good year ahead as Benefit has something awesome to share it with you.... <3

Benefit latest ‘powderful’ product, The POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine! A sister product to the Mega-Star Product the POREfessional. Agent Zero Shine is a shine-vanishing PRO powder. So, as Benefit's fans are you excited like me to know more about this product? XD

This is the design and look of the product. Was very thankful to Benefit and my blogger friend that I could be part of this event and to know more about this beautiful product.

Okay if the previous picture could not make you estimate the size of the product, picture above can tell you how big is the product. The packaging is very easy for travelling purpose and to keep it inside your makeup purse.

More pose with the product right before the event started ^^

AND HERE's the Agent Zero Shine!!!! 

Introduction about the product and on how to use it.

Like all Benefit blockbusters, this is easy , yields instant results and you can apply it in seconds! It joins the POREfessional in your Top Secret mission for smoother-than-smooth skin. Pores and shine don't stand a chance! You'll believe me in a second. Just keep scrolling down.... ^^

The Formula:
·         Controls shine
·         Helps smooth look of pores
·         Mattifying
·         PORE-perfecting
·         Ultra-lightweight
·         Invisible finish

Retailing Price : RM115 (same price with the The POREfessional)
Availability : February 2014.

So you know when you can bring this baby home ya...

A photo with the beautiful Paige a.k.a. Agent Zero Shine

Since I have this Agent Zero Shine, it will always be in my daily routine, to stay away from a shiny face (oily face). And I'm really a fans of Benefit. I have their Stay Don't Stray eyeshadow primer, High Beam highlighter, They're Real mascara, Pocketpal benetint and gloss, Eyebrow and Ooh La-lift undereye brightener.

Product that I used following the sequence starting from the top most left until the bottom most right.

Agent Zero Shine came with a brush that you can find it on the bottom of the packaging. It was designed to be very user-friendly.

Just twist the opener .....

...and tap it on the cover lid. That's how the product looks like.

This ultra lightweight powder controls shine and helps smooth the look of pores in one untra-sheer shade for all skin tones. Just as easy as Twist, Tap and Sweep...

Twist the built-in brush
Tap it into lid
Sweep it on your face

The POREfessional and the Agent Zero Shine works very will with each other as one can minimize the appearance of the pores whereas the other one can shine-vanishing of those who has oily skin. And VOILA!! smoother-than-smooth skin is now yours XD

And here's my result of using the product.

After drawing my eyebrows and eyeliners.


Here's the final look and the brief introduction on my makeup routine, which I can say daily look (just sometimes I did not put on the fake eyelashes)
So this is my *#FOTD* a.k.a Face Of The Day. Hahaha....

Hope my blog post can help and see you guys in the next one ^^ *thank you for being my faithful reader. Hohohoho*

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