Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Santa Hermo: HERMO Malaysia Christmas Wish List

Hi guys,

Christmas is just around the corner... *yayyyy*

Year end is just about holiday and SALESSSS... It is so fun to shop shop and shop but sometimes it makes my purse cries. One random question from me, do you have particularly to dream about things you could buy? Maybe like doing online or I can say 'window' shopping, picking them and putting them into your shopping cart but never check out? 
Yeah sometimes I did that *hehehe* But this time, Hermo Malaysia to grant lucky bloggers wishes come true this Christmas! *hoorayy*

Its just as easy as Wish, Blog and Win!!!

Visit to see what you can buy for/within RM80 budget!
Wishing starts from now until 14/12/13. 
And from 17/12 - 24/12 Santa Hermo will delivery lucky bloggers their wishes!

There are so many brands that you can get from

Go and like Official Facebook page and Twitter to keep yourself updated with their latest promotion and updates.

I decided to choose something from 3CE brand by StyleNanda. I read a lot of good feedback about this Korea brand 3CE and I really want to try this product so I won't get outdated. LOLL...
Lip pigment and lip tint has been a trend lately, and at the end I choose this #Issue color by 3CE. 

Its only RM55.00 now, so you can saved RM23.90. If this has been in your wish list for a long time, you can consider to purchase this while the promotion is still running and product is still available. For the payment, it is also convenient as there are up to 9 different major banks that you can choose to make the payment. Browse through Hermo if you want to see what are the other Christmas promotions other than this brand =^.^=

Thank you Santa Hermo and please grant my wish! <3

Hope you like my blog post and see you in the next one.

With love,

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