Thursday, 28 November 2013

Easy Purchase Color Contact Lenses from Mr.Lens

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In this post I will be sharing with you on how to purchase color contact lenses from Mr.Lens.

At MrLens you are provided with the highest quality eye-care products, professional service, fast delivery, the most affordable prices and with a user friendly online interface.

MrLens was setup in 2002 and is a dynamic company dedicated to providing you the highest quality service and the same brand name contact lenses that your doctor or eye specialist recommends from around the world. 

Today, Mr.Lens are proud to be the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe, going global and Mr.Lens are now available in Asia too! Whether daily, monthly, yearly, or even cosmetic lenses, MrLens provides the desired contact lenses quickly and at a hard to beat price.

Currently Mr.Lens portfolio of products available online are contact lenses, cleaners, sunglasses, perfumes, Gillette® razor blades and Oral-B toothbrush heads. 

Are you convince enough to purchase your monthly routine contact lenses from Mr.Lens =^.^=

You can recommend Mr. Lens to your friends to get rewarded.

These are the feature products by Mr.Lens. Easier for first time buyer.

There are more than 10 major banks that you can choose to make your payment with your purchase.

I decided to choose this Colorvue Starburst Colored Lenses in Starburst-gray. The water content is 45% which is quite good for contact lenses.

The second items that I decided to purchase is Colorvue Glamour in gray. I personally loves gray as i think gray can match well with my eyeliner and hair color. Good for any occasion even for work ^^

Checking out my 2 orders

And I directly received this purchase confirmation email form Mr.Lens. Woowww quite efficient huh... After I receive the goods, I will be doing another review for the products. So stay tuned yah guys <3 Basically, that's my brief introduction on how to purchase your contact lenses with Mr.Lens. Quite easy and direct right?? ^^

Mr. Lens Website :

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