Thursday, 7 November 2013

EVENT: Guess Why I Want to Party with Kinohimitsu.

Aloha guys,

Time flies and we are nearly to the end of 2013. Here it comes the ultimate year end review brought to you by The Butterfly Project with the collaboration with Kinohimitsu *drum roll* which is the Hawaiian Luau Party!!! 

I Googled the word "Luau" and it means an elaborate Hawaiian feast featuring traditional foods and entertainment.

The party will be held at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, where bloggers would dressed up in grass skirts and maybe some coconut boobies on too with the other 49 bloggers. Hahahaha we can mimic the Hawaii feel in KL YAYYYYY~!!!!

The main question is Why I Want to Party with Kinohimitsu? Okay let's be frank here >.<
1. Kinohimitsu is very well-known of their good products, which is the ProWhite Regimen and Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink. I would like to have personal and close touch with the products.
2. It is written in the Kinohimitsu brochure that people who are always stay up late, having pigmentation, dark eye circles, constant exposure to UV rays SHOULD consumed Kinohimitsu Prowhite Regimen.

Yes, I always stay up late because I sleep after 12am and this gave me dark eye circles >.<
Pigmentation? Yes, I do have pigmentation/ freckles on my face >.<
Constant exposure to UV rays? Yes, due to my medical representative works I need to go out to the fields >.<
I want to be pretty inside-out!!!

3. I just bought my new camera Sony NEX5T for my blogging career ^^ I am so excited with it and now I can proudly take more photos with my new camera. Woohooo~!

Yeap this event is only by invitation and I hope that I can attend the party (i'll dress like Hawaii/ Kawaii girl to the party :D) . There will be prizes to be won, e.g three best dressed bloggers, best instagramer, best blog post about the party & Kinohimitsu, spin the wheel lucky draw for everyone and games galore! ANDDDD bloggers will also be given review products to take home!

Do check out Kinohimitsu website and Official Facebook page for more information. Please show some <3 by clicking 'Like' on their Facebook page.

One more thing for you guys, I spot a special deal of Kinohimitsu that you can grab in Groupon. Check the deal on this Groupon deal for Kinohimitsu. Don't miss this out! 

Okay, last but not least, I would like to extend a special thank to Tammy, Ayna and Illy for the hard work for making this collaboration with Kinohimitsu a possible one. It never been into my mind that I got the chance (at lease now is 50/50 chance, until i got chosen) to join this party with the other 49 bloggers. Hanging out with bloggers is just an extraordinary things for me as my circle of friends are just my colleagues, clients, hometown friends and housemates? Hahaha what a small circle.... until I become a beauty blogger. 
What touches me most is they willing to share the upcoming-event-in-town with me although we just met a few times. *Thank you babes*

Till then and as always, stay chic! <3


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