Wednesday, 4 September 2013

REVIEW: Stay Survive with The Outdoor Beauty Survival Kit

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Okay back to the topic.

Stay Survive with The Outdoor Beauty Survival Kit
The question is HOW TO Stay Survive with The Outdoor Beauty Survival Kit???

This box contains the basic things that you need from the head to the toe, let's get started:
  • Phyto, the hair relaxing balm, 15mL
  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Use Dry Oil with Golden Shimmer, 10mL (50mL of this roughly cost for about RM108.00)
  • Lierac Luminescent Serum, 8mL
  • Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup SPF15 for Medium skin tone (the quantity is not found at the packaging)
  • Crabtree&Evelyn Hand Therapy, 25g
  • Crabtree&Evelyn La Source Body Lotion, 50mL
  • LANVIN Jeanne Couture Eau de Parfum, 4.5mL
  • Nubar Nail Lacquer NV7 Malvasia, 15mL

I like this Outdoor Survival Kit as it really can help me especially when I had a bad hair day. Phyto is a gentle relaxer to nourish, coat and gently smooth the hair fibre without breakage. 

Next, if you had redness or pigment spots, Lierac is the best weapon for it as it helps reactivate light reflection, diminishes the appearance of pigment spots and redness, and also helps refine the skin's texture as well as smoothes and evens out the skin. 

Moving on for the coverage, without a doubt Bobbi Brown is well known for its good coverage foundation cream. This foundation powder can helps to lock and set everything on your face, also can be like an oil-deblotting. *hahahaha*

Nuxe is like the 3in1 version of Phyto, Lierac and Crabtree&Evelyn body lotion. 
*Tips: If you are in a hurry, you may just bring this in your purse* 
Nuxe is a gold-shimmer dry oil with an active formula combining 30% plant oils and vitamin E to help nourish, repair and soften the face, body and hair. Thanks to its small, light-reflection gold particles (please refer to photo below), skin emits a radiant glow. Moreover, for its pleasant fragrance is coming from the potent cocktail of six plant oil which gives the fragrance and conditions the skin, making hair silky and improving the appearance of stretch marks.

Not to neglect to keep the moisture for our hands and body especially if we need to wear short skirt/ short pants and even when need to shake hands with our customers/ client/ boss. Its quite embarrassing if we have a rough and dry skin :)  Thanks to Crabtree&Evelyn to provide us with the good lotion to hydrate and smooth our skin. 

Our fingers will not be complete without nail polish. Nail polish can represent what character are you carrying. For example red symbolised hot/ aggressive, nude color symbolise simplicity/ humble, bright summer color symbolised that you are a happy-go-lucky person. Who agree with me? Thank you to Nubar for the great color and good quality, as good as OPI ^^

Last but not least. is the LANVIN Jeanne Couture Eau de Parfum. A sophisticated composition, refined nuances and sophisticated woody base. The new fragrance highlights feminity and style and uses its seductive composition to accentuate elegance characteristic of the house of Lanvin. Top notes of the composition provide juice and tasty raspberry accords, refreshed with morning dew and natural shades of violet leaves. Wearing perfume is a must for me to enhance my mood and pleasant smell can make people feeling comfortable when they are near to us. *but not to say to over-using it*

Hope this blog post is satisfying and I'm totally in love with this Outdoor Survival Kit.

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