Tuesday, 27 August 2013

REVIEW: What Sunscreen Protector That I'm Using?

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I'm back with "What Sunscreen Protector That I'm Using?".

Yes, we all knew that UVA and UVB are both not good for our skin. BUT, the question is "Why do some of us still refuse to use sunscreen protector to protect our skin layer from the sun damage?"

And the answer are very simple. 
- The sunscreen is too oily for our skin
- We do not like the smell and texture
- Makes our face more oily by applying it
- Sensitive to the sunscreen
- Do not know which brand to buy?

All of the above were happened on me previously (I need to purchase my sunscreen protector from a dermatologist in Singapore, it's quite unconvenient for me as I need to find someone who will be willing to help me)..... UNTIL.... I met this

EBN Active Stem Cell UV Protector is a perfect make up base and first step to maintain flawless skin with Titanium Dioxide effectively protect skin from UV damage and prevent pigmentation.

For this 30mL, it cost for about RM222 (subject to change)

Take 2-3 pump of the product onto your skin. 

The texture is quite watery, doesn't like other sunscreen that is too creamy.

After all of the products has been absorbed by my skin. As you can see the product can be well blend with my skin tone, it doesn't give a thin layer of white film like how the usual sunscreen do. The smell is pleasant and I love this product.
*For my friends, you can prove what I just said by trying a pump of this product :) *

This picture above was taken on last Friday night after using the EBN Active Stem Cell UV Protector for the whole day.

All of the photos above are non-edited photos. I'm just adding some cute icons ^^

Hope you guys will love my blog post ^^ Feel free to ask me questions about this product.

Stay chic and see you in the next blog post.

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