Thursday, 22 August 2013

REVIEW: Confession of a Bird Nest Extract Amazing Mask User

Hi Lovelies,

I will share with you my confession after using this Bird Nest Extract Amazing Mask user for a month. I came to know this product from a friend of mine, who also my ex-colleague, Jasmine Cheung ^^ Really thanks to her for this opportunity.

Some people are born with good skin but that doesn't mean that they can absent to maintain that good skin. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle can help to delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems. 

EBN is stands for Embracing Beauty Naturally, using the German formulation to deliver the goodness from the bird nest extract to your skin. There are a lot of articles reporting the effects of bird nest which able to regenerate new cells in the human body and to cleanse lungs and blood are simply amazing. 

EBN Skin Care is the use of epidermal growth factor in the bird's nest extract and Merck RONACARE ASC III to induce keratinocytes and fribroblast to produce collagen, enhance cellular immunity, and thus to achieve the purpose of cell self-healing and anti-aging.

EBN Amazing Mask comes in a bottle, 15mL, price RM144.00 (subject to change)

This product is gentle to our skin and we can even swallow it (it is made from bird nest, guysss) :D

I quite like this pump, as its easier for us to take a certain amount of the liquid.

To apply this mask, start with a clean face, which means after using your facial cleanser, pat your face dry. You can either using a flat brush to apply the mask onto your face OR...

OR even can use your hands. Take the amount of 20cents (approximately around 5drops) of liquids onto your hand. 

Apply it like usual onto your whole face INCLUDING your lips, and the skin around your eyes. EBN products are gentle enough even if you apply it around the eyes area. *Yayy for this fact*

Tips: To target more problem area (acne, blackheads or big pores), re-apply the mask after the first layer is dries up. You even can use this mask as a sleeping mask (overnight mask) :D

Leave the mask for 15 minutes for the penetration action to take place. As you can see from the photo above, there's redness around my cheek area as this mask helps the blood circulation and I can feel the tickling sensation.

Remove the mask with a wet sponge or splash water onto your face. The redness will be disappear after rinsing the mask off. I can feel my skin is tighter after the application and there's no red spot (sensitive skin spot) on my face and that is the reason why I'm quite particular about my skin and I don't simply use any facial products. 

Definitely a worth to buy product. I know that some of you might be searching for a new product for your problem skin, you can consider of buying this mask. Let the mask convince you and letting you know that you are making a right choice. 

For more information, please visit the RBN Aesthetic Wellness centre at
D4-G3-6, Solaris Dutamas (Publika), 
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact number: 03- 6205 3063 / 012- 953 0307

For more latest news about the company and their products, click 'Like' on their official Facebook page : RBN Aesthetic Wellness Sdn Bhd

Stay beautiful and see you in my next blog post. 

With love,

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