Monday, 9 September 2013

REVIEW: My Lipstick Story

Hi guys,

Today I will share with you my lipstick story. I'm not a heavy fanatic of lipstick but I still need those lovelies to boost up my mood or to match with my daily look.

Like clothes, the right lipstick can inspire a mood. Sometimes, by applying lipstick can turn my mood upside down and look more "fresh" and I love how these lipstick can give its own look and characteristics although some of my lipstick are pink-based =^.^=

 Above are some of my favourite colors and the one that I will use frequently. These all babies can gather together by fate. I did not purchase them purposely but by 'love at the first sight'

*Maybelline and Anna Sui i got them at blogger's event*

 And this is how they look with their own names. Are they pretty? :) Please tell me YES.

 Close-up view

 With flash ON.

 The exact color of the lipsticks with flash ON. Guess which one is my Top1 daily lipstick that I use.

Answer: Chanel Rough Coco Shine no.49

Without flash.

I did this extra step by blotting them on a piece of tissue and this is how it look like. 

Maybelline lipstick is rich in color but in terms of moisture, I recommend to apply a layer of lipbalm before applying the lipstick.

Revlon lipstick has a quite fare bit of moisture however I need to apply a few layers of it for the lipstick to be able to stain my lips.

Bobbi Brown pale pink has a very natural color as it really gives the look of your natural lips. However, I recommend to apply a layer of lipbalm before applying the lipstick as the texture is quite matte.

Chanel Rough Allure Velvet 38 is the most long lasting color that can stay on my lips so far until today. Love it!

Chanel Rough Coco Shine definitely will make me to re-purchase it over and over again as it is rich in moisture, gives the natural color of your lips and it can stand alone without lipbalm.

Anna Sui 350 has very sweet pink and its very suitable for me to use it during the day to give those bubbly + cheerful look.

Last but not least, YSL is very well known for their good quality of lipstick and I didn't doubt it. The only thing about YSL is in Malaysia, is quite hard for us to purchase it. I purchased mine during my trip to Australia. And I will buy other YSL color when I will go to Spore (the nearest) hahahaha. This lipstick definitely worth to buy as its rich in its color + rich in moisture + has pleasant smell + the color can stay well on your lips after the application. And yes I admit that I fall in love with YSL =^.^=

Hope this blog post can help if anyone of you would like to purchase a daily-to-use lipstick.

And before I end, now tell me, what's your lipstick story? Which brand of lipstick is your favourite :)
Would like to hear it from you.

Stay tuned and be beautiful <3

With love,
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