Sunday, 28 July 2013

EVENT: My Experience During the Butterfly's Project Spa Party

Hi guys,

Jeng jeng jeng jeng.... I present you some of the good photos that I took during the Spa Party ^^ which was held on the 29th June 2013. 

*sorry I was late as I was quite busy with my new job*

On my way to the Spa Party

Special thanks for all the butterflies from The Butterfly's Project to make all this to happen and for inviting me to the event <3

Special thanks to The Body Shop Malaysia for the lovely door gift for each and everyone of us. Ideal for me after a long day of work, to soak my foot with it. Lovely!

This coupon was entitled to us for all the FOC services that we can get on that day :) Those butterflies are really creative

Special thanks to the Good Friends Cafe for the creative and superlicious foods. And as I forgot the names for the foods, I shall named it....
Name: The Curly Prawn 

Name : When Cucumber Donut Met Tuna

Name: Fried Miss Tofu with Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

Name: Pinkish Chicken Burger

Name: Sweety Macaroons

Name: Red Velvet Cupcakes

Me again... posting :P

Special thanks to Havaianas for giving us discount voucher.

All the bloggers that were invited to the event and the ukulele performance by Anna. 
*Dear balloons, you are blocking Anna's face :(*

The fashion show courtesy to Pink N' Proper

ALL of the P ink N' Proper models.

Beautiful ladies!

I <3 Posh? Yes I am because of their premium treatments... such as full line of manicure, pedicure, nail extension and enhancement as well as waxing and eyelash extension. Posh! Nail Spa is also now open in TTDI and SS2.

 Pink and purple nail polishes

 And hey that's ME !! :D *smile BROADLY*


 My dear butterfly's Illy is busying with the next itinerary preparation ^.~

And not to forget the massage place

Special thanks to TT Mask, we are entitled to choose 1 mask and guess which one do I choose? Its the COLLAGEN mask roughly cost for about RM20.00. And yes I fell in love with TT mask and I'm their consumer there after 
*will do a seperate post about TT mask*

Special thanks to the Fotobox for the instant photo. Thank you for letting my first experience with Fotobox a memorable one.

And these are the SS photo that me and Choulyin took :)

Haha look at us!

 You can spot the Johnson's Body Care as one of the prize to be given out. Each product is luxurious yet affordable, and provide unique sensorial experiences and long-lasting moisture for skin that's beautifully soft. Enriched by mild and natural ingredients, Johnson's Body Care lotion is created to deeply nourish dull and dehydrated skin with minimum fuss, leaving the complexion glowing with silky smoothness.

Signorina Eau De Toilette by Salvatore Ferragamo was the grand prize for that day. 100ml of it cost for about RM355.00 !!! She is the ideal fragrance for a romantic young woman who expresses her graceful sensuality through a natural elegance. An exceptionally fresh scent signature with the vivaciously cheeky soul of Signorina.

Because a Signorina is a different Signorina every day...

*we received the 1.5ml miniature of Signorina perfume. Yayyyy*
I've got my lucky gift of the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick Special thanks to Only Beauty for being so generous.

We've got the chance to do this DIY for foot soak salt.

The fruits of the day

 Hope you guys will love my blog post. This is longest one I've ever write XD
Special thanks to Choulyin for some of the photos.
Special thanks to my ex-bos Stefani Wan for the bath robe.
Special thanks to the party planner Tres Chic The Party Planner.
Special thanks to all of the collaborators to make this event a possible one <3

  1. The Butterfly Project Malaysia
  2. Posh! Nail Spa
  3. Only Beauty
  4. Havaianas Malaysia
  5. TT Mask Malaysia
  6. Good Friends Cafe
  7. Tres Chic The Party Planner
  8. Aspen Spa Asia
  9. Johnson's Body Care
  10. Fotobox Malaysia
  11. Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums
  12. Pink N' Proper
  13. The Body Shop Malaysia

Stay chic and see you in my next blog post.

With love,

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